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Luther Towing

Luther Towing is an all-in-one towing company providing everything from scheduled tows and parking enforcement to roadside assistance and emergency recovery. Completing local tows in the Twin Cities, transports throughout Minnesota and even out of state hauls, we tow far and wide. Luther Towing can smooth out rough recoveries and can offer recommendations to great local providers of auto body repair, mechanical repair, car rental and more. We strive to provide excellent customer service, treating each customer with absolute honesty and respect, we have integrity. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships over time with our customers. Again, welcome to our website! From here you can learn all about this dependable Minnesota towing facility, browse the services we offer and even join our talented team.

7093 21st Ave north Centerville, MN 55038

(651) 788-9005



Luther Towing was dispatched to my disabled car via Progressive Insurance roadside assistance. The driver contacted me en route to my location and he arrived almost immediately. My car was inoperable and was inside of a parking garage, but the driver was able to figure out how to extract it safely. The equipment used (flatbed) was new, clean and in perfect working order. It sucked that my car broke down, but the professional manner in which the tow was handled by Luther made me feel a little better. Highly recommended.

Awesome service! Got a really bad flat tire, no idea how, in Maplewood. Since I am very unfamiliar with the area, the first thing I did was check out towing services to call in the area on Google. Luther Towing & Service came up with great reviews and recommendations including here on Yelp. The reviews were so right. From the nice customer service dispatcher to the actual service who arrived in no time and flawlessly changed my tire, I was...just awe! I've had flat tires and have called towing places before but I've never experienced such fast, friendly, courteous professionalism in a towing service. He did an excellent job, and I was back on the road in no time. They really are Five stars and
Risa Y.
Excellent service! Arrived in nearly half the time stated and the driver even called me 20 minutes prior to let me know where he was. And this was after I waited for 2 and a half hours (no joke, they kept pushing my arrival time back) for a different towing company to come tow my car.
Bob T.

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